Signature Products

Signature Products

Since 1932 we've been perfecting the craft of making authentic old world deli meats.
Corned Beef
  • USDA Choice 1st Cut Corned Beef
  • Cap off Top Round Corned Beef 15%

Pickled Corned Beef

  • USDA Choice Flat Cut Corned Beef Brisket
  • USDA Choice Point cut Corned Beef Brisket
Mouthwatering Deli Meat fit for a King
Corned Beef

Simply the best-corned beef! From the family recipe handed down 4 generations, our hand trimmed Corned Beef features a unique blend of spices and flavorings to give it an authentic, old-fashioned flavor. Briskets, rounds or flats, slowly cured and cooked offering the most authentic, best tasting corned beef on the market. For those who wish to cook their own, our famous corned beef is slow-cured and vacuum packaged.

  • Navel Pastrami Gold, oven smoked
  • USDA Choice 1st Cut Pastrami Brisket 10%
  • Cap off Top Round Pastrami 15%
Hot, lean and overstuffed

Seasoned beef that is hand trimmed and slowly cured. Rubbed with a traditional seasoning paste of coriander, garlic and ground peppercorns. The pastrami is cooked on racks and smoked - mouthwatering and tender every time. All choice briskets, navels, and rounds are used to produce the best pastrami you’ll ever eat.

Roast Beef
  • USDA Choice Cap Off Top Round Rare half or whole
  • Seasoned Cap off Top Round Rare – Garlic Pepper Rub half or whole
  • USDA Choice Cap off Top Round all natural ingredient Roast Beef half or whole 10%
  • Cap off Top Round Rare half 10%
Different cook levels are available.
Created with superior flavor
Roast Beef

From signature sandwiches to home-style menu ideas, our tender, oven roasted beef delivers taste, flavor and most of all choice. With consumers’ changing tastes, we understand the need for variety in flavors, cuts, and degrees of cooking time.

All Natural Honest to Goodness
  • ABF USDA Choice All Natural Cap off Corned Beef Round
  • ABF USDA Choice All Natural Cap off Top Round Pastrami
  • ABF USDA Choice All Natural Cap off Round Roast Beef
  • ABF USDA Choice All Natural Turkey
No antibiotics. No artificial ingredients. No additives
Honest to Goodness™

We’ve crafted a line of all natural delicatessen meats, using the freshest all-natural ingredients. Honest to Goodness meats have:

  • No antibiotics EVER
  • No growth hormones
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No added phosphates
  • No MSG

Honest to Goodness is:

  • 97% fat-free
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Hormone Free
  • ABF
  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Smoked Turkey
Delicious Turkey

There are so many ways to eat better, and we suggest our mouthwatering “superfood” Saval Deli Turkey for extraordinary flavor and taste. Our turkey is oven roasted with an array of seasonings to bring out the best flavor possible, then sliced to a consistent size – perfect for sandwiches or a deli tray.
We put the Deli in Delicious and we are committed to living up to our promise of providing our customers with the best quality meat available on the market.

  • Smoked Ham
  • Cooked Ham
  • Virginia style Ham
Taste our classic Saval Deli Ham

Our Hams are cured, oven roasted, enhancing the flavor of the meat in the most natural way. Tender, with exceptional flavor for sandwiches, snacks or a catered event fully cooked, sliced and ready to serve.

Saval Family Recipe
  • Corned Beef Hash retail pack
  • Pork Roast Homestyle with natural juices
  • Pot Roast Gourmet with natural juices
  • Bone in Short Ribs fully cooked with natural juices
  • Pork Loin Bone- in fully cooked with natural juices
  • Beef Tips and Gravy
  • Prime Rib of Beef Casino with natural juices
  • Pot Roast Gourmet with natural juices
Comfort food at its best
Saval Family Recipe

The tradition of Harry Saval lives on with Family Recipe items that capture the heart of comfort food, savory flavor, and a home-cooked meal. Deli Brands of America kitchens create home-style meat entrees that are sure to fit any daypart, enhance your menu and satisfy your patrons’ desires. Convenient consistent value to fit your casual concept.