Satisfaction is our commitment.

Any way you slice it, We put the Deli in Delicious!


We have a new slicing and logistics facility in Baltimore, where we slice meat every day.

The benefits of a sliced product are:

  • It’s the safest, cleanest and highest quality slicing solutions available today
  • Consistent accurate product weights to increase profit margins
  • Excellent portion control and no waste
  • Increased product storage for your store
  • Do away with clean up and product species transfer on the slicer
  • Reduces workplace injuries and overhead
  • Insurance benefits as most state operators must be 21 years old
  • High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) offered
Fresh & tasty

Delivery & Training

We understand the unique challenges of your operation in an ever-changing food service environment. That’s why we deliver across the Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania area with same day service. Saval Deli is distributed by Saval Foodservice and they produce the highest quality and authentic tasting meats on the market.

Our mission is to deliver on our promises ever time. With a dedicated sales staff and team – we are committed to serving you!

  • We provide Deli Training in your grocery stores
  • We deliver directly to your location